100 Useful French verbs with examples A-Z

In this blog post, we will list 100 useful French verbs along with examples. Knowing how to use verbs correctly is essential to speaking and writing in French. So, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate French learner, this list will come in handy!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Here are 100 useful French verbs with examples:

1. avoir – to have

Je dois avoir 18 ans pour acheter une arme. – I must be 18 years old to buy a weapon.

2. être – to be

Il est content – He is happy

3. faire – to do, to make

Je fais du vélo tous les jours. – I ride my bike every day.

4. dire – to say, to tell

Je lui ai dit que je l’aimais. – I told him I loved him.

5. recevoir – to receive

Nous avons reçu une invitation pour le mariage de notre ami. – We received an invitation to our friend’s wedding.

6. donner – to give

Il donne son chien à sa sœur. – He gives his dog to his sister.

7. aller – to go

Je vais au cinéma ce soir. – I’m going to the movies tonight.

8. venir – to come

Elle vient d’arriver à la maison. – She just got home.

9. pouvoir – to be able to, can

Je ne peux pas faire ça! – I can’t do that!

10. savoir – to know

Tu sais où est mon stylo? – Do you know where my pen is?

11. prendre – to take

Je prends le bus tous les jours pour aller au travail. – I take the bus every day to go to work.

12. mettre – to put, to place

Tu peux mettre cette table dans ta chambre. – You can put this table in your room.

13. devoir – to have to, must

Je dois aller chercher ma soeur à l’école. – I have to pick up my sister from school.

14. laisser – to leave

Il a laissé son téléphone portable à la maison. – He left his cellphone at home.

15. demander – to ask

Je lui ai demandé comment il allait. – I asked him how he was doing.

16. comprendre – to understand

Je ne comprends pas ce qu’il a dit. – I don’t understand what he said.

17. trouver – to find

Tu as trouvé mon portefeuille? – Did you find my wallet?

18. écrire – to write

Il écrit une lettre à sa mère. – He is writing a letter to his mother.

19. choisir – to choose

Il a choisi une robe pour son mariage. – He chose a dress for his wedding.

20. vendre – to sell

Il vend des fruits et légumes au marché. – He sells fruits and vegetables at the market.

21. entendre – to hear

J’entends du bruit venant de la cuisine. – I hear noise coming from the kitchen.

22. arriver – to arrive

Je suis arrivée à Paris hier soir. – I arrived in Paris last night.

23. lire – to read

Elle lit le journal tous les matins. – She reads the newspaper every morning.

24. étudier – to study

Il étudie pour son examen demain. – He is studying for his exam tomorrow.

25. regarder – to watch, to look at

Je regarde la télévision. – I am watching television.

26. éteindre – to turn off

Je vais éteindre la lumière. – I’m going to turn off the light.

27. allumer – to turn on

Allume le four à 180 degrés. – Turn on the oven at 180 degrees.

28. monter – to go up, to climb

Il monte les escaliers pour aller à sa chambre. – He is going up the stairs to go to his room.

29. descendre – to go down, to descend

Il descend les escaliers avec ses livres. – He is descending the stairs with his books.

30. ouvrir – to open

Il ouvre la porte et entre dans la maison. – He opens the door and enters the house.

31. fermer – to close

Il ferme la porte et va se coucher. – He closes the door and goes to bed.

32. mourir – to die

Il est mort il y a quelques années. – He died a few years ago.

33. naître – to be born

Il est né à Paris en 1959. – He was born in Paris in 1959.

34. aller – to go

Je vais à l’école tous les jours. – I go to school every day.

35. habiter – to live

Il habite dans une grande maison avec sa famille. – He lives in a big house with his family.

36. sortir – to go out

Je vais sortir ce soir avec mes amis. – I’m going out tonight with my friends.

37. rentrer – to come home, to go home

Il est rentré à la maison hier soir à 10 heures. – He came home last night at 10 o’clock.

38. arriver – to arrive

Elle est arrivée en retard à l’aroport. – She arrived late at the airport.

39. partir – to leave

Il est parti pour Londres hier matin. – He left for London this morning.

40. vouloir – to want

Je veux un café, s’il te plaît. – I want a coffee, please.

41. avoir – to have

J’ai une question à te poser. – I have a question to ask you.

42. porter – to wear, to carry

Elle porte une robe bleue aujourd’hui. – She is wearing a blue dress today.

43 toucher – to touch / feel

Tu peux toucher ce mur pour vérifier si c’est chaud ? – Can you touch this wall to see if it’s hot?

44. préparer – to prepare

Je dois préparer le dîner pour mes invités. – I have to prepare dinner for my guests.

45. prendre – to take

Prends ton parapluie, il pleut dehors ! – Take your umbrella, it’s raining outside!

46. venir – to come

Viens ici, s’il te plaît ! – Come here, please!

47. recevoir – to receive

Il a reçu une lettre de sa mère. – He received a letter from his mother.

48. traduire – to translate

Il faut traduire ce texte en anglais. – This text needs to be translated into English.

49. comprendre – to understand

Je ne comprends pas ce que tu dis. – I don’t understand what you’re saying.

50. écouter – to listen

Je t’écoute. – I am listening to you.

51. dire – to say

Je dis la vérité. – I am telling the truth.

52. faire – to do

Je fais mes devoirs ce soir. – I am doing my homework this evening.

53. aller – to go

Je vais à la pharmacie. – I am going to the pharmacy.

54. voir – to see

Je vois mon ami demain matin à 10 heures. – I am seeing my friend tomorrow morning at 10am.

55. savoir – to know

Je sais que tu es intelligent. – I know that you are smart.

56. perdre – to lose

Il a perdu son portefeuille. – He lost his wallet.

57. gagner – to win

Elle a gagné le concours de beauté. – She won the beauty contest.

58. montrer – to show

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